Hardam Azad is a slum lord

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Hardam Azad took over a retail property in Memphis, Parkway Village Shopping Center.Ever since then it has been a nightmare.

It has been difficult to place tenants in the project because much needed repairs can not be completed. Azad has a history of stiffing contractors and just about anyone else.

If you are looking for a business suite, you are well advised to stay away from anything that is owned by Hardam Azad. His quest for real estate far out weighs his moral obligations to satisfy contractual obligations.

That includes 5 Million Square Feet Co out of Houston.Stay away!

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This guy is unbelievable!My group have been looking for space in the Houston area for some time.

Hardam Azad had his property managers show us premium space that I wouldn't put a rat in. The space was in such disrepair that I was shocked that they would even try to lease it out. When asked about the water damage they claim it was in the process of being fixed.

When I Googled Hardam Azod's name I saw law suits filed against him.

We moved on to another space.If you want to save your business and brand name do not do business with this guy!

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